Summary of GSoC 2024 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

AI-Driven Roads - Revolutionizing Driving Simulation with Intelligent Scenario Generation
AI-Generated Choreography - from Solos to Duets
Advancing Transportation Safety and Behavior Research through AI
Applications of AI and machine learning with eye tracking data in driving simulator scenarios
Author Name Disambiguation in Academic Databases
Automating Text Recognition and Transliteration of Historical Documents with convolutional - recurrent architectures
DriveSmart - AI-Powered Training for Safer Roads
Enhancing Program Evaluation Research by Leveraging AI for Integrated Analysis of Mixed-Methods Data
Examination of the evolution of language among Dark Web users
Learning the Susceptible-Infected-Removed Model
Painting in a Painting - explore hidden images beneath paintings with artificial intelligence
Self-supervised models for automatic OCR
Text Recognition with Transformer Models
Using the Baccalaureate and Beyond Data (NCES) to Test Role and Goal Congruity Theories’ Predictions for Gender Differences in Majors and Occupations.