DriveSmart - AI-Powered Training for Safer Roads


This project aims to develop an intelligent driver training system that leverages AI and machine learning techniques to provide real-time assessments and feedback on driving performance. Students with experience in AI will have the opportunity to apply their skills to analyze driving simulator data, extract relevant features, and develop models that can assess driving behavior. By participating in this project, students can contribute to improving road safety and help shape the future of driver training.


Total project length: 350 hours

Task ideas

Expected results


Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++, knowledge of machine learning frameworks, solid understanding of statistical analysis, data visualization, and data preprocessing.

Project difficulty level

Intermediate to Hard


Please use this link to access the test for this project.


Please DO NOT contact mentors directly by email. Instead, please email with Project Title and include your CV and test results. The mentors will then get in touch with you.

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